Transportation Case Study

Learn How This Transportation Company Utilized Viscosity for On-Site ODA Training 


A major company that provides transportation services for the Dallas, Texas metroplex and its 12 surrounding cities. With the company’s modern public transit and facilities, the customer made the decision to begin the process of replacing their legacy HP-UX servers and re-platforming onto two Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) X7-2-HA with RAC and Active Data Guard. 

The customer leveraged Oracle Platinum Partner, Viscosity North America (Viscosity), as a strategic partner for an on-site training for their DBA team.

Viscosity’s ODA Training Deliverables:
  • Upgrading to Oracle Database 18c and unlesahing the value of Hybrid Columnar Compression (HCC)
  • Unleashing Viscosity’s integrated software and automated provisioning on the ODA
  • Prepare for the Oracle Database installation and deployment
  • Use Oracle Appliance Configuration Manager
  • Power on the system for the first time and define network options
  • Configure Oracle Integrated Lights-Out Manager (ILOM)
  • Validate the current Oracle Appliance Manager software version and re-image the Operating System
  • Installing the latest ODA Patch-Set bundle and End-User bundle for bare metal deployments
  • Network and system configuration
  • System resource and network tuning
  • System monitoring and logging
  • Valiadte platform deployments
  • Perform ODA post installation tasks
  • Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) fundamental on ODA
  • Validate seamless application failover with Oracle Data Guard
  • OEM fundamental on ODA
  • Creating and managing databases on ODA
  • Review and recommend backup and recovery operations on ODA
  • Managing storage on ODA
  • Review of ODACLI commands to manage ODA infrastructure
  • ODA hardware (system and storage)
  • ODA Linux
  • Oracle Linux package management
  • Ksplice
  • Kernel module configuration
  • User, group, security, and storage administration