Viscosity has expertise in migrating SPARC workloads to the Linux environments.  Viscosity has partnered up with the Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) teams to provide an simplified solution around migrating customers from the legacy SPARC platform to the ODAs.  

Look at our data sheet on migrating SPARC customers to the ODA.  While we migrate customers to the ODAs, Viscosity can modernize your Oracle workloads to Oracle Database 18c or 19c depending your requirements and application compatibility to the version of Oracle. Viscosity can also help with your application migration to the Linux platform from Solaris (Or even AIX). We have deep expertise in Java and emerging technologies.  

Solaris to Linux on ODA.pdf

The re-platform tasks for the database tier will involve changing the endianness for the database files.  Viscosity has a semi-automated solution to change data endianness from Sparc to Intel format. Viscosity’s solution integrates years of migration experience of migrating Solaris and AIX customers to Linux.  Viscosity will document the upgrade the process and any workarounds; more importantly, Viscosity will script out a majority of the migration process to improve migration efficiency, as well as document the processes to reduce potential errors that can be encountered during the migration process. 

Near Zero Downtime Migration/Upgrade Option:

Optionally by leveraging Oracle GoldenGate or Quest SharePlex, the latest data replication technologies, Viscosity can perform a near zero-downtime database migration as a cost-effective solution.  If you want the additional insurance policy, Viscosity can reverse the data replication back to Solaris before the go-live from ODA to achieve a zero-risk exposure value proposition.

  • Both Oracle GoldenGate or Quest SharePlex can be purchased for term licensing for the migration/upgrade duration.  In full transparency, leveraging the Quest SharePlex product for the upgrade will be more cost effective.
  • Customers can upgrade their database along the way to Oracle 18c, Viscosity can re-platform and upgrade as a single solution. If you are running older versions of Oracle Databases version 11.2 which is already out of error correction as of December 31, 2018.  Oracle Database version 12.1 will be out of error correction at the end of July 2019.  Customers should upgrade to Oracle Database 18c or 19c for all custom application databases. 

Eliminate risk with a failback option, keeping the original platform in sync with the new data until all tests have been performed on ODA. 

GG ODAThe tool of choice for near zero downtime migrations to ODA is Oracle GoldenGate or Quest SharePlex. Leveraging either of these data replication tools, Viscosity can copy, replicate and synchronize databases from Sparc platforms to ODA.


Viscosity encourages dry-runs of the proposed zero downtime database migration and re-platform to ODA with their customers to capture and record potential issues with the real-time data synchronization to the ODA.   Depending on the customer’s schema, Viscosity may need to perform manual data migrations for select tables that has datatype discrepancies and conflicts with Oracle GoldenGate or SharePlex. 


Viscosity has tooling to compare potential discrepancies for the dictionary between the source and target database environments. Viscosity’s tools can perform data validations and compare delta data records between the databases on the Sparc platform and the migrated/upgraded databases on the ODA. Viscosity has certified experts in Oracle and Red Hat Linux and regularly participates on the panel of experts at Oracle and VMware conferences to:

  • share best practices for scalable Linux infrastructure
  • methods to achieve near zero downtime database migrations and upgrades


Viscosity will setup/configure the databases on Linux to migrate heavy Oracle workloads from Solaris to Linux with our custom scripts. 



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