Patching Services

The Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) is an engineered system that includes computer, networking, storage, Oracle Cluster, and database preconfigured in an appliance. The ODA HA deploys as a two-node RAC that’s optimized for performance and availability. Which means, customers will have a fully functional, fully patched, RAC database available for consumption. 

Like everything in IT, ODA also requires routine care. Viscosity North America provides end-to-end ODA upgrade and patching services at a fixed (no hassles) rate, for customers who need their ODAs patched to the latest and greatest bundled patches. 

As part of the upgrade process, Viscosity will review current utilization and capacity on the ODA, and make recommendations for both hardware and software. 

Viscosity’s ODA Patching and Upgrade Services Include:

  • Review of general database workload of the databases on ODA
  • Calculation of IOPs and throughput
  • Determination of latency, database size, and capacity
  • Review of OVM Infrastructure on the ODA
  • Ensure shared repositories are started on both nodes
  • Ensure VMs re-start on respective nodes
  • Apply Patches for Server Components
  • Analyze ODA environment for patch readiness
  • Plan patching schedule as per business requirements (downtime and recovery)
  • Confirm adequate space on ODA file systems
  • Update software versions, patch levels, and OS packages installed
  • Apply BIOs updates, hardware driver updates, firmware patches, and ILOM updates (as needed)
  • Apply patches for grid infrastructure and for RDBMS home
  • Post patching validation: GI infrastructure, ASM, and Oracle Home

Caveats Include:

  • For virtualized ODAs, pricing will vary on the level of complication and VMs on the ODA
  • Viscosity will upgrade (to the next release of Oracle) up to three databases on the ODA
  • Post upgrade and testing support will be time and material, and will be billed on hourly rates
  • Managing database statistics and SQL tuning are outside the scope of ODA patching