Implementation Services

Viscosity North America can assist with ODA implementation, with proven industry-standard best practices. Our ODA experts allow you to achieve maximum return on your extensive technology investment. Like everything in IT, the ODA also requires routing care. Viscosity provides end-to-end ODA upgrade and patching services at a fixed (no hassles) rate, for customers who need their ODA stacks patched to the latest and greatest patch level on a regular basis.

Architecture and Planning

Viscosity will collaborate with your team through a series of discovery sessions prior to the installation and configuration to create the architectural roadmap for your ODA. The areas of focus are:

  • Upgrade and migration options
  • Database workload (IOPs, throughout) assessment
  • SLA requirements
  • Virtualization requirements (if applicable)

RapidStart Configuration

Our RapidStart Configuration allows us to validate the ODA configuration after the initial rack and stack deployment. Viscosity will ensure that the ODA network settings, OS configuration, Grid Infrastructure, database software with correct configuration to specifications, and patches are applied to the latest negotiated requirements. Our ODA RapidStart Configuration takes a top down approach on the following:

  • Installation planning
  • Network architecture
  • RAC configuration
  • Database software provisioning
  • Application of patches
  • License containment of CPU cores
  • Database consolidation
  • Automated Service Request (ASR) activation with Oracle Support
  • Hybrid Columnar Compression (HCC) enablement for up to 50x compression
  • OEM registration and configuration for ODA and database(s)
  • Installation summary review

The Complete Solution: Virtualized ODA

Based on customer preference, Viscosity can virtualize Oracle workloads or applications with OVM or KVM, while containing Oracle licenses. Customers also virtualize on the ODA to adopt the unified solution of both applications and databases servers in a single virtualized infrastructure. For customers who choose to virtualize both applications and databases, our base ODA services will include:

  • Network architecture for virtualization
  • ODA_BASE installation and configuration
  • Install ODA_BASE template
  • Apply patches
  • Create Oracle Linux VM (as needed)
  • Enable lights-out monitoring

Database Modernization and Migration

We are the authors of the Data Guard handbook and evangelize on the best practices of leveraging Data Guard for disaster recoverability and zero downtime database migrations to the ODA. If your database runs on a Linux or Windows platform, Viscosity can leverage Data Guard for same endianness migration to the ODA. 

Viscosity is also the certified professional services arm for Quest SharePlex, and implemented 34 near zero downtime database upgrades and migration in 2018. 

Not only are we the premier Quest SharePlex experts, we are also certified GoldenGate experts. Viscosity can perform a near zero downtime database migration from Linux platforms leveraging Data Guard. 

If you want to upgrade your database along the way, our team can upgrade your database with the same near downtime architecture; by performing a “reverse replication” back to the source database to provide you the peace of mind and insurance policy. 

Related Professional Services

Viscosity can help architect, migrate, implement, upgrade, and modernize your current infrastructure. Viscosity’s expertise spans the complete portfolio of service around the Oracle ecosystem including:

  • Oracle performance health check assessments
  • Oracle Database migration services
  • Oracle Database upgrade services
  • Performance tuning and scalability services
  • Backup and recovery architecture services
  • Disaster recovery planning services
  • Security assessment and remediation services
  • Engineered systems consulting services
  • Quest SharePlex services
  • Quest GoldenGate services
  • Oracle Cloud readiness
  • Oracle Cloud implementation
  • Oracle managed services
  • Oracle training workshops on ODA and Oracle 12.2 / 18c / 19c

Leverage our full ODA managed services to augment or even replace your own DBAs, system administrators, storage administrators, and network specialists. Outsourcing to Viscosity guarantees your ODA environments are administered based on recognized, stringent industry standards for enterprise and database security, as well as, application performance. Our ODA experts can limit, reduce, and even eliminate often-tedious workloads. This is especially beneficial when reliable after-hours database support is required.