Imaging Services

As an Oracle Platinum Partner, Viscosity’s ODA Kick-Start deployment services are tailored for the customer to recognize the value of the ODA. Our deployment services start with initializing and imaging the ODA for new customers. Viscosity’s services continue where all others stop, by providing value added planning and knowledge. That way the customer can understand the ODA architecture and how databases are configured on the ODA. As ODA Partner of the Year with Oracle in 2019, Viscosity continues to be the partner of choice with Oracle on ODA implementations. 

Viscosity provides remote ODA imaging services for ODAs HA/M/S models focusing on the following tasks: 

  • Planning sessions to identify network requirements
  • Discovery session to determine requirements to configure firstnet, VLAN, IPs, hostnames, VIPs, RAC SCAN (for HA models) requirements and jointly fill out the ODA questionnaire
  • Review sessions for cabling requirements
  • Collaboration sessions to configure ILOM access and network connectivity
  • Meetings for network configuration
  • Meetings to instruct software to download for ODA, grid infrastructure, and database stack
  • Conduct knowledge transfer sessions to: configure the remote desktop with Java support for ILOM access requirements, setup the ASR server, and determine the database shapes and configuration

With the customer’s input, Viscosity will be able to help make the ODA implementation process a seamless step into the customer’s existing infrastructure. Together, with the customer, Viscosity will:

  • Configure the Linux environment
  • Setup hugepages and databases related kernel parameters
  • Deploy ODA Appliance Manager
  • Provision the DB storage layer
  • Register the Oracle 19c Grid Infrastructure with the ODA repository
  • Register the Oracle Database 19c software binaries with the ODA repository
  • Provision an Oracle RAC or single instance database, depending on the ODA model
  • Review ACFS architecture on the ODAs for databases
  • Conduct knowledge transfer session for introduction to Appliance Manager and/or gDBClone for database snapshot/cloning capabilities on the ODA
  • As a separate engagement, Viscosity can setup a virtualized ODA infrastructure with KVM to address your licensing containment needs and compliance requirements

Throughout our engagements, Viscosity works in conjunction with the customer’s team to provide informal or formal training, and, upon completion, will provide documentation for the ODA deployment processes.