Healthcare Provider Case Study

Learn How This Healthcare Provider Utilized Viscosity on Multiple ODA X6-2M


For 70 years, this healthcare provider has been a principal in advocacy and practice in both pathology and laboratory medicine; they are the leader of board-certified pathologists. With such a long standing reputation, they were constantly looking to innovate, and with their Oracle E-Business Supply Chain system sitting on legacy HP-UX, it was time to modernize. 

When deciding between a commodity x86 solution and the Oracle Database Appliance (ODA), Oracle Platinum Partner, Viscosity North America (Viscosity), was called upon to help build the infrastructure roadmap.


Initially the customer decided to purchase two ODA X6-2M systems, as part of their turnkey environment for the database infrastructure. One ODA was going to be for their production environment, and the other for development. 

Upon purchase of the two ODAs, Viscosity experts provided a full-day, on-site, customized ODA training on installation, configuration, and patching. Viscosity also provided thought leadership on EBS migration best practices, DR configuration, implementation, and validation.

Based on the training, and due to the fact that the ODA X6-2M does not provide high availability (HA) out of the box, the customer created a mandate to purchase an additional ODA, which was to be used for maintenance and Disaster Recovery (DR) solution. 


As a trusted advisor, Viscosity’s experts managed the entire configuration of the DR solution – from design, to implementation, and sustaining support. Viscosity was tasked to verify, validate, and implement a business continuity configuration that included HA for their Continuous Integration and Continuous Deliver (CI/CD) platform. An environment that was just as important to the customer as production was, due to their commitment to their DevOps pipeline.

By using ODA, the customer realized better efficiencies with the simplified database deployment and patching. Viscosity’s EBS Migration Services enabled a well-tested, well-orchestrated DR ODA configuration. This would allow the pathology healthcare provider to seamlessly test patches, as well as enable switchover for planned maintenance outages and failover, as needed.