Health Check Assessment

Your Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) is at the heart of your database architecture, as a simplistic and reliable platform, but are you utilizing it at its full potential? When you leverage Viscosity, an Oracle Platinum Partner and certified ODA expert, you are gaining leaders in end-to-end design, implementation, and support for ODA. Viscosity’s health check assesses the entire stack from ODA hardware, OS, RAC environment, and the database. Our goal is to assess the ODA environment for redundancy and availability. 

Viscosity North America’s ODA Health Check Includes:

  • Review of ODA utilization and capacity
  • Review of general health of the ODA compute nodes and storage
  • Assessment of OVM environment
  • Review of operating system environment
  • Software versions, patch levels, and OS packages installed
  • Kernel parameters and shared memory configuration
  • ASM configuration
  • Hugepage settings
  • Access points and security configurations
  • Review of RAC configuration
  • Patches for Grid Infrastructure and RDBMS Home
  • ASM Disk Group attributes and ASM initialization parameters
  • Review of database environment
  • Check undocumented parameter settings and initlization parameters
  • Check database release, PSU/RU/BP, and one-off patches
  • Review of database configuration and resource allocation
  • Review of TNS configuration
  • Review database statistics, backup procedures, IOPs, and throughput
  • Review security of the database environment

Upon completion of the health check, Viscosity will provide detailed documentation with findings, methodology, and recommendations to help you implement best practices and procedures.