Edge Cloud Services

While many companies are in the process of, or are considering, a migration to the cloud, there is still a concern with the complexity and security of the move. Viscosity North America provides an alternative with their Cloud Adjacent Solution – Edge Cloud. It bridges the gap across public cloud, private cloud, and on-premise computing in a hybrid model. An alternative to the traditional cloud – offering flexibility, security, and the lowest total cost – with high service availability to all devices and business applications; Viscosity’s Edge Cloud can provide a comprehensive, managed solution to encompass your needs. 

Our Edge Cloud Services will Provide You:

  • Reliable performance; never worry about over-consumption or noisy neighbors
  • Highest performance with dedicated hardware resources
  • Complete network isolation for highest security
  • Consistent monthly pricing – without the concern of variable and hidden costs

How Does it Work?

Viscosity has partnered with several of the biggest names in the data center business to provide a low-cost hosting solution for your hardware; all you have to do is let Viscosity handle the rest. To ensure the lowest TCO, high business service availability, and extreme network access, Viscosity will implement computing resources between the customer data center and the public cloud. Therefore, the network traffic demand and users will be cloud adjacent. Our team of experts will work with you to get your hardware implemented, and ensure that the direct connect line is dropped if you are already in the cloud – whether it is in AWS, Oracle, or Azure. Once you’re fully integrated into Viscosity’s Edge Cloud, the team will continue to run monthly maintenance, patching, and optimization.