Back Office Management Case Study

Learn How This Back Office Management Company Utilized Viscosity for an ODA X7-2-HA


A Back Office Management Company, specializing in strategic, back-office services for government and non-profit organizations, was focused on providing their customers accounting and finance, human capital management, and contract management utilizing the latest technology. After purchasing their first Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) X7-HA, they found themselves in search of a partner. One who could help them utilize their ODA to its full potential, after initial installation had left it unstable. Oracle Platinum Partner, Viscosity North America (Viscosity), was brought in to provide stability, as well as help in setting up OEM and a Disaster Recovery solution.


As a FedRAMP customer, downtime could not be afforded. In a matter of days, Viscosity stepped in to begin review of the current configuration, as well as implement the first phase of database migrations, of which would total 500 of their customers. Viscosity’s database management centers around managed services – providing lights-out monitoring and alert notification. Viscosity’s custom-tailored solution not only monitored the ODA, but the entire Oracle ecosystem. Viscosity set up their backup and recovery procedures, and leveraged their best practices, to ensure a solid disaster recovery plan was put in order. With industry proven database recovery scripts, coupled with a centralized and single pane of glass monitoring from OEM to build out, Viscosity implemented a Disaster Recovery solution for the customer. Oracle Data Guard was also leveraged to achieve high availability and disaster recoverability.


After production go-live, Viscosity provided transition training to all of the customer’s full-time staff. Upon review, Viscosity found that the customer had been sized incorrectly, based on their workload. In order to help alleviate this burden, Viscosity provided performance tuning and world class RAC expertise, to ensure that the Back Office Management Company received the best usage for their customers. As part of the right-sizing exercise, Viscosity resold an additional ODA with SSDs for maximum performance, in order to increase the customer’s database consolidation ratios.