Month: November 2020

Upgrading ODA from 18.x to Oracle Database 19c

If you are on 18.3 (below 18.8) on the ODA stack, you will still have to do 3 upgrades to get to Oracle Database 19c (in particular to Oracle 19.9 as of November 2021).

18.3 –> 18.8
18.8 –> 19.6 (this is the big one as you are upgrading from Oracle Linux 6 to Oracle Linux 7 and upgrading to Grid stack to 19c)
19.6 –> 19.9 (the latest release as of October 2021)

Please see the patching requirements for ODA below:

ODA Workshop Part 2 – gDBClone

Managing database test/QA and development (test/QA & dev) environments can be challenging and costly, in time and resources. Production databases often require 3-5 or more copies for various types of test, QA, pre-production, hot-fix, and development (lower environments) purposes. Each copy of a database consumes significant storage space and are typically recycled or refreshed on a periodic basis.

Refreshing and managing the lower environment databases does not have to be complex or time consuming. gDBClone is a tool that was developed to provide a simple and efficient method for cloning a database for test and dev environments. gDBClone leverages Oracle Automatic Storage Management Cluster File System (ACFS) snapshot functionality to create space efficient copies of databases and manage a test and dev database life cycle.

In this workshop, attendees will learn how to leverage gDBClone on ODAs to achieve operational efficiencies, reduce OpEx, save storage costs, and refresh lower environments almost immediately leveraging ACFS snapshots and sparse database provisioning.

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Download the presentation portion of the workshop here

gDBClone Reference Guide Document

gDBClone performs the following key functions:
» Clone: Creates a clone database (as Primary or as Standby) from a production database copying the DB to the target test and dev cluster
» Snap: Creates sparse snapshots of the DB to be used for test and development
» Convert: Converts a given database to RAC (Real Application Cluster) OneNode, RAC or from non-CDB (non-container database) to a PDB (pluggable database) of a given CDB
» ListDBs: Lists the cloned databases and its snapshots
» DelDB: Deletes cloned databases and/or its snapshots
» ListHomes: Lists the available oracle home
» SYSPwF: Creates an encrypted password file
» listSnaps: List the available ACFS snapshots
» delSnap: Deletes ACFS snapshot
» SYSPwF: Creates an encrypted password file

gDBClone is utilized to provision sparse space efficient copies of databases (“gDBClone snap”). These copies may be deployed for test and dev purposes. Only small incremental storage is required by the snapshots after the initial creation of the master copy.

Download the Official Oracle gDBClone-3.0_ReferenceGuide Documentation